Does Your Practice Need Help With Billing Issues?

Mental Health Billing Services can be both complicated and time-consuming. Olympus can help to alleviate this common problem with our comprehensive mental health billing services, allowing you to collect the compensation that you are owed in your practice, and letting you to focus on your patients and your practice.
Our billing services are specifically designed for behavioral health professionals and we have been billing for mental health professionals for over 10 years.

Olympus Mental Health Billing Solution

Olympus is a national leader in mental health billing. Our specialized services for mental health professionals guarantee increased revenue for your practice. Our process for billing services is described below; we adapt to any system that you have and can work with that.

Step 1: FREE Practice Management Software

Our process begins by connecting to your billing software. We can work with whatever software you are using. If you don’t have billing software, we provide you with a FREE web based Practice Management System (PMS), and EHR, if you need one.

Step 2: Access to Your Data

We securely access your practice’s account. This means that we are able to correctly adjust patient ledgers and send out insurance claims within just 24 hours.

Step 3: Begin Your Collections

Once we have established the framework for the billing services, we will then start our team of billers on your accounts receivable and insurance claims. Our billing services include securing any missing patient information while sending required information to reduce the likelihood of rejected claims.

Step 4: Regular Reports

We will keep you informed every step of the way. Our billing services include regular reporting that is delivered via email, allowing us to track production and collections including:
• The number of insurance billing claims sent daily.
• The number of billing claims appealed daily.
• The number of corrected claim errors.
• Accounts receivable and monthly collection totals, among other reported numbers.

Can We Assist You?

We never receive any money from the insurers or patients – you do. You don’t change your practice management software. We remotely work as if we are in your office–working from your PM system. NO long-term contract. Your first month of service is absolutely FREE.

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Does Your Practice Need Help With Billing Issues?